Internship Programme

The Internship Programme aims to increase interest in sexuality studies among young Africans by providing opportunities to students and young researchers to acquire professional and practical experience in the human sexuality field.


  • To provide students and young researchers with an opportunity to acquire professional and practical experience in the field of Human Sexuality at the ARSRC.
  • To increase interest in and contribution to sexuality studies by young Africans.
  • To strengthen the collaboration between senior and junior professionals in the field of sexuality.

Assignments interns are given include: editing ARSRC publications, editing materials for the website, writing reports, managing the library and resources, conducting research on human sexuality (including web research), managing the ARSRC databases, data entry, and monitoring media coverage of human sexuality issues.

Location and Duration

Internship will take place at ARSRC offices in Lagos. Internships are for a period of 4-8 weeks.

Financial and Administrative Arrangements

Interns are responsible for all expenses (travel, housing, transportation, living allowance) related to the internship. Candidates are required to show proof of medical and accident insurance coverage prior to assuming duty as an intern. Candidates are also required to secure visas (when necessary) prior to their travel to Nigeria.