Events Calendar

4th Fourth International Women/Gender Studies Conference
Conference aims at bringing people from various disciplines to explore how gender equality and women's experiences have been structured, impacted, controlled, or ignored by law and the possibilities and limits of realizing women's rights through the law.
Famagusta, Cyprus   October-03-12  -  October-05-12

5th Nigerian Leadership in Strategic Health Communication Workshop
The workshop will integrate communication theory and experiential learning and seeks to apply the latest thinking on leadership development to strategic health communication planning.
Southwest Nigeria   October-07-12  -  October-19-12

Mainstreaming Gender Equality: Concepts and Instruments
This practical workshop is designed to meet the needs of those who need to get up-to-speed with gender mainstreaming and gender tools.
Turin, Italy   November-05-12  -  November-16-12

2nd Global Conference: Queer Sexualities
The conference aims to extend interdisciplinary dialogue and gather voices from underrepresented areas of the globe to take a closer look at broad themes of queer sexualities through time and space.
Sydney, Australia   February-11-13  -  February-13-13

6th Annual ISIS Conference on New Media, Youth & Sexual Health
The conference brings health and technology professionals together with youth, parents and community leaders to advance sexual health using technology and new media for youth and young adults.
California, USA   April-05-13  -  April-06-13

8th Global Conference on Health Promotion
This conference will assess achievements and aims for health promotion globally from Ottawa to Nairobi. It aims to address what works and how, identifying options for action, available processes, mechanisms and tools.
Helsinki, Finland   June-10-13  -  June-14-13

International Association for Adolescent Health: 10th World Congress
The conference provides a unique opportunity to help catalyze change, bringing together clinicians’ detailed knowledge of young people’s lives with the broader perspectives of public health.
Istanbul, Turkey   June-11-13  -  June-13-13