Video Gallery

A Way to Justice: Engaging Men for Women's Rights and Gender Transformation


Tinzweiwo (Hear Our Plea)


Breast Ironing in Cameroon


"I Will Never Be Cut": Kenyan Girls Fight Back Against Genital Mutilation


A Father and Son Love Story


Condoms If You Care


Family Planning Changes Lives in a Nairobi Community


After testing positive for HIV, one Ethiopian woman decides to educate her community


Young People in Sierra Leone Talk About HIV and Condoms


Melvin and His Sister: A Gay Kenyan's Struggle to Survive


Breaking Silent Suffering: A Documentary on Obstetric Fistula in Uganda


Senegal: Beyond Tradition


Why LGBT Rights Are Human Rights


How Gay Rights Debate Began At The UN


Healing Victims of Sexual Violence in The Congo


Memorial Vigil in New York City for Slain Gay Rights Activist David Kato


Courage Unfolds: A Documentary on Gay Rights


Suppression of Women's Rights Persists Despite Progress on Discrimination


Sanctioned Cruelty: Reproductive Rights Violations as Torture