Uganda and Anti-gay Bill Push LGBT Activists Into Action

Sexual violence in conflict – what use is the law?

Through conflict after conflict, sexual violence persists, not just as individual crimes but as a weapon of war, from the Balkans to the Congo, from Liberia and Sierra Leone to present day Iraq. It persists, says Madeleine Rees, the secretary general of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, because it’s effective.

Working to prevent it and cope with its effects is a dauntingly wide-ranging task, which entails tackling deep-seated attitudes at the core of societies, as well as the provision of medical help, emotional support and legal advice to the victims.


Call for Applications: 2015 Sexuality Leadership Development Fellowship. Click here to apply.


Is current theorising on same-sex sexuality relevant to the African context? Ending 'Female Circumcision' in Practice and Name
7th Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights
Accra, Ghana
Feb 8 - 12, 2016
Understanding & Addressing Gender Based Violence
May 9 - Jul 4, 2015
International Women's Human Rights Education Institute
Toronto, canada
Jun 1 - 30, 2015
22nd Congress of World Association for Sexual Health
Jul 25 - 28, 2015
Organisational Change for Gender Equality: Practical Skills and Approaches
Norwich, United Kingdom
Jul 13 - 17, 2015
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New HIV Prevention Law Criticized By Ugandan AIDS Activists
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An estimated 125 million girls and women--primarily in Africa--have had their genitalia cut, scraped, or sewn up. The lifelong cost of non-conformity can be high; even parents who question the practice feel pressured to subject their daughters to the rite.MORE


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