One of Femi Kuti and the Positive Force dancers

They can’t stop the dance: The Trouble with Limiting African Pleasures

The different expressions of pleasure through the African body in colonial and post colonial Africa have been strongly regulated and silenced.

Before the disruption that was colonialism, there were traditional spaces, both public and private, that allowed for the discussion of sexual matters and the expression of its pleasure. However, African sexual pleasure and dance are now being reclaimed as powerful forms of communication and expression.



Children, families and the state: collaboration and contestation
Johannesburg, South Africa
20 - 21 September, 2018
Women Leaders in Global Health Conference
London, UK
8 - 9 November 2018
2018 International Conference on Gender Studies: Gender (Mis)Representations
Cambridge, UK
1 - 2 December 2018
Sexuality and Technology: An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference
Vienna, Austria
1 - 2 DECember, 2018
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New model drug law launched in western Africa
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Sexual pleasure is a human right
Teen Vogue

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